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Cool Fire | Chuuwee

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Scarface - “No Problem”

Oh fuckin yes lord


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I hate it. I hate it. I don’t hate shit, but I hate that fuckin’ record.
— Raekwon on "Keep Watch"

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You got about 20 white people to jump during your set! That is the biggest compliment in Hip-Hop!
— Anderson (HHP Member)
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You had me so weak after your set. You killed it!
— Tyler (HHP Design Team Co-Chair)
Text 23 Apr Irr@ional Minds Recap

I am long overdue with this one, but I had some time to let this performance sink in and just came from watching the footage at the HHP meeting.  With that in mind, I wanted to elaborate a bit more on the April 11th performance.  I’ll set the scene in the drop below.

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TEN YEARS AGO TODAY |4/20/04| Ghostface released his fourth studio album Pretty Toney on Def Jam Records.


TEN YEARS AGO TODAY |4/20/04| Ghostface released his fourth studio album Pretty Toney on Def Jam Records.

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"KUDOS (Freestyle Snippet)"

I dropped a freestyle over Lindsay Lowend’s remix of “Prom Night” by Anamanaguchi.
The response since its Thursday night upload has been positive, but I’ve vowed not to release the full version unless Lindsay Lowend shows interest in doing so. Spread this track, and help make it happen! Yee!

Peace, Love, & ReBlogs;

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Text 16 Apr Verified Update

HHP Particulars:
I’ll tell you what I can disclose on this end: first, I’m sure you know about the video for the first single, “The Vibe.”  If you haven’t seen it yet, just click on the title.  As for the second single, I’m being unleashed.

Secondly, we’ve been pushed from the Power of the Tongue vol. 5 showcase to vol. 6, which means we will not be performing on May 3rd, but will be at some point in June.  The Sunday Night Sypher is still going down on May 18th.  After those two performances, the big mug is coming: Packapalooza 2014.  It is confirmed that we are getting a 60-MINUTE SET!!  Fam, those are festival minutes.  I just hope that we don’t have a Coachella crowd.  Obviously, I’m excited for this, but I just don’t want it to turn out like the NPHC Pan-Afrikan Step Show a few weeks back.

Late Blossom 2:
When the end of the month comes, I’ll be focused once again and plotting to finish this out.  I’m seriously three tracks away from finishing (1 to record and 2 to write and record) and walking right into sequencing and mastering, where two tracks are already taken care of.

Solo EP:
This will be on hold until "Late Blossom 2" is completely done and out on The Verified’s Official Bandcamp, but it’s going to be quite amazing.

Verified EP:
We have three great beats collected and set for writing.  I can’t say any producer’s names yet, but this is set to be something special that the three of us can really call our own.

Text 16 Apr McClaine on KTown Night Market

I’m not sure about how the others feel, but this is one event that I would like to rock in the future with The Verified.  Lately, Neighborhood Kenny has been getting shows like clockwork and I’ve been getting more stage experience lately.  What’s funny is that Jabez is the first to perform out of all of us, but hasn’t done much due to priorities.  Regardless, I’m a firm believer that we can put on one hell of a show with the material that we have.

And with Ehwhenkeem singing the panties off the females, that would be the icing on the cake.

Recently, I just found out that K’s boy, Mike-B, is slated to perform at this event at 8pm this Friday, so go check him out.

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