Video 20 Oct

Neighborhood Kenny & Cody McClaine (The Verified) f/ Daresay - "Daresauce" “Daresauce” (Prod. by J Dilla)

Possibly one of the most unexpected cuts has been revamped and posted on The Official Bandcamp.

Quote 20 Oct
Nah, man. I’m cool. Tell the little homie with the blanket that I’ll link up with him next year.
— The Great Pumpkin on The Keene Pumpkin Festival
Text 20 Oct Albums That I Co-Sign

Photo 20 Oct *sigh of relief*
I’ll announce the date for the release later.

*sigh of relief*

I’ll announce the date for the release later.

Quote 19 Oct
Damn, y’all got work!
— Jrusalem while scrolling through The Verified’s Official Bandcamp
Text 19 Oct 1 note $2 Bills

So last night at the 2 Live Crew show, some drunk showed up with mad stacks of $2 bills (fitting) and when the girls in the crowd got on stage to shake whatever they thought they had, he would start slinging those bills at them.

I just did a quick search to see these damn things are legit because I pocketed $8 worth.

Text 18 Oct McClaine on The Big Daddy Kane Cross

It seems like no matter the situation, everything seems one-hundred times much better when this dance gets broken out.

Link 18 Oct Ask McClaine»

As I mix this track down, leave me questions to answer later.

Chat 18 Oct Icewater Inquiry
  • Cody: "Yo, Chaundon! When you get those functions together, let me get 20 or 25 minutes; you know I'm good for it!"
  • Chaundon: *nods enthusiastically* "I know!"
Video 18 Oct

I completely forgot to get shots of the other acts, but here are a few from Chaundon’s and C-Minor’s set.

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