Video 29 Sep

B. Cannon - "True Knowledge"

Text 29 Sep HHP’s Silent Leader

It’s hard for me to call myself a vet in contrast to our Senior Advisors, Cesar Comanche (JL/True School/ZULU) and Chaundon (JL/HOJ, GEM), but it’s interesting how I found myself in this organization and supplying knowledge for the new members that have joined this semester.

The first big piece of advice I was able to give was to stay away from Amy Cordy and Afton Entertainment.

Video 26 Sep 1 note


hypothetical sitches

produced : @JayBeatz

While I put "Late Blossom 2" to a close, 1/3 of The Verified ties the wait over with a quick one.

Text 25 Sep 11 notes I really be rappin’, man.


Like, a lot of niggas rap. But I really RAP. That shit feels good, too. 

I really sit there thinkin’ of slick ways to say shit…feels good to push myself to think outside the box…metaphors, similes, double entendres…I’m just exercising the brain over beats, man. 

Music is my savior.

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Text 25 Sep That’s What Friends Are For

So I hear of friends of other HHP members telling other people that I had the best set at Sunday Night Sypher; at least I’m doing something right.

Text 24 Sep Memphis Bleek & Garnier Fructis

During the HHP meeting, Eternal brought up this little gem to Anderson and I.  As we watched the commercial, we debated on whether it was real shit or if it was a comedy skit.  I think there will be question marks over our heads about this one for a while.

Video 23 Sep

The Verified - "Luv(sic) [Ver.C]" (Prod. by Nujabes)

On a whim, I decided to re-vamp this joint and put it on The Official Bandcamp of The Verified.

To put a long story short, I was inspired by what Neighborhood Kenny (The Verified) did on "Luv(sic) pt. 2." I couldn’t find a legit version of "pt. 3", so imagine how excited I was when "pt. 4" arrived and I could flex a bit.

Apparently, I hear that it’s also close to - if it isn’t already - cuffing season. I figured that this would be appropriate for this period.

Photo 22 Sep 1 note Ruby Ibarra blacking out
(Zoë4Life Photography)

Ruby Ibarra blacking out
(Zoë4Life Photography)

Text 22 Sep Boom-Bap for the Radio

On the low, I’ve been diligently sending music to as many independent and college radio stations as possible.  This started with CJLO in Montreal, Canada, due to Neighbor’s (The Verified) interview on the segment, “Beats from the East.”  Despite no results, I’m trying to touch our campuses that we’ve frequented or graduated from: UCLA Radio, KSDT, and WKNC (successful here via HHP).

It seems that I have to do something a little different and supply physical copies of the music in contrast to the digital work that we’ve supplied.  This may take some scheming, but because presentation is everything, something will come of this.

Video 21 Sep

When I’m not on stage ripping mics, I try to see my other friends hit the stage in any facet.

I’ve seen my homegirl perform at this event for the past five years. The look on her face when she saw me during the last part of the set was priceless.

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